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Anonymous asked:

If I masturbate a lot will that help me last longer? A lot meaning more than 5 times a day


Assuming this is a man. I recommend you practice kegel PC exercises for men. And yes. Learn to masturbate slowly. When you get close to orgasm back off a bit and practice the kegel exercises you have done.
Stamina is about patience and muscle control. Also make your diet healthy. A healthy body makes for a better sex life.

Ive done this for years. As you have sex and feel the urge to ejaculate coming on, withdraw and take a deep breath and relax. Tighten down on the muscles you have been building with kegel exercises, and dont allow yourself to spasm. Its like preventing your mind from having tha orgasmic rush that causes you to fully ejaculate and call it a night. Allow the semen to flow out of you, but dont spasm! position your penis over.her clit and let it run over her vagina and clit before you enter her again. Wait until you can safely enter her without cumming. You can practice this release during masturbation. Every woman ive done it to enjoys it and asks me to do it again and again. It prolongs the sex act and makes sex hot and sticky

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